About Us

Amandeep Kaur

Professionally, I initiated my journey as Assistant Professor at APEEJAY COLLEGE, a multidisciplinary college, which has been an enriching platform for me. It helped me to interact with faculty members from diverse backgrounds. This exposure has allowed me to gain insights into various subjects and perspectives, and expanded my pragmatic knowledge across different career options.

My educational background is diverse; with a management degree and as a Law graduate, I can relate with the intricacies of counselling. In fact, These educational pursuits have honed my critical thinking, adaptability, flexibility, and interpersonal skills, which are vital assets in the field of counseling.


Dakshm Career Consultant

Furthermore, I envision offering specialized support in Interview and Resume Preparation, equipping students with the confidence and skills to excel in various professional settings. Through these services, my organization aims to coach and guide the youth, enabling them to transform their lives.

I also seek to emphasize the importance of happiness and well-being. While guiding students toward their dreams, my organization will also focus on enhancing their overall happiness and satisfaction.

What we Offer

Students should undoubtedly avail the counseling services at my organization because it offers a holistic and personalized approach to help them unlock seamless avenues for both professional and personal growth.

At our organization, we believe in gaining a comprehensive understanding of each student, including their interests, strengths, and areas of improvement. By delving into these insights, we can create tailored counseling sessions that address their unique needs and aspirations.

For students who feel lost or face obstacles in life, our organization serves as a reliable support system. They can reach out to us at any time, knowing they have a dedicated team of counselors ready to assist and guide them through challenging situations.


Ultimately, our goal is to empower students with the knowledge, confidence, and resources needed to make informed career choices that align with their passions and potentials. We are committed to providing a nurturing environment that fosters growth and personal development, allowing each student to embark on a journey of success and fulfillment.

Our Services

At our core, we are dedicated to the following missions:


One-on-One Sessions

Our client is provided with the platform wherein, we collaboratively aid the client to comprehend the situations. Our customised partnership helps the client to understand themselves better. Our organisation’s motto is to empower the client so that he’s able to cope up with the ebbs and vows of life.


Parent Counseling

This service is premised upon offering knowledge, guidance and emotional stability, so as to promote positive parenting.


Psychometric Assessment

Our organisation strongly believes to utilise psychometric test for assessment of candidate’s personality and aptitude. Psychometric tests helps to retrieve valuable insights about candidate’s capability, competence and motivations.


SOP/Resume Preparation

We emphasise upon drafting unique and extraordinary narration to highlight student’s profile, achievements and strengths. SOP and Resume plays crucial role in enhancing the probability of students’ selection or admission. Thus, I, along with my expert team, dextrously customise the SOP or Resume in a professional way. So that, it stands out and is able to draw attention of the institution/ organisation.


Global Admission Guidance

At Dakshm, it is emphasised that the student is imparted knowledge about the world’s best educational institutions, admission criteria and procedures. We believe in hand holding of the student so that they are pragmatically guided for admission into globally recognised universities; advise students to fill application forms, and ensure all formalities and requirements are fulfilled.


Study Abroad Guidance

Dakshm has industrious experience of guiding and counselling students who wishes to pursue studies abroad.


Processing of International Admission Applications

We are expert in preparation of student’s international admission application. We offer services like offer letter, SOP preparation, FEES Submission, VISA documentation and registration or VISA extension.


Interview Preparation

Job Interview or University admission or embassy interview, we ensure expert coaching of the candidate. We equip the candidate to handle the pressure of the verbal interview. The candidate is trained for verbal as well as non verbal skills, in order to get selected or qualify the interview.


Internship Guidance

We offer data regarding latest openings or internship opportunities, both national as well as international. We try to update students with internships, available across spectrum, so as to aid them acquire industry experience.


Interpersonal Skills Workshops

We firmly believe that interpersonal or soft skills can be a game changer for an individual. A person who wants to achieve success, professional or personal must have strong hold on interpersonal skills, body language and other social etiquette.


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